Got Milk?

As a kid, I was brought up to think that drinking milk was going to make me grow up strong and healthy. Programs like “Got Milk” came into our schools and taught us about calcium and building strong bones. They had commercials on popular Kids channels and they had me pretty convinced.

But what they don’t tell you is that they had an agenda. “Got Milk” and other programs were/are advertising campaigns focused on selling a product – milk. By advertising it as healthy, even essential to a child’s development, they could ensure their product would be consumed. It became institutionalized, worming its way into schools, and into people’s homes.

Now, many believe that we have been “milked” – tricked by the industry into thinking that we need to consume milk. But in reality, milk is meant for baby cows, just as human babies breast feed from their mothers. But apparently we have an issue with breast feeding. We make a fuss when women do it in public, and when cows do it? We take away their babies, slaughter them, and then milk their mother dry until she dies prematurely as well. So I guess we’re really going easy on those women breast feeding in public. Anyway.

Cow’s milk is meant for baby cows. Everything in it is meant to make a little cow turn into a big cow. You’re not a cow. Cows are different from humans. They are bigger and they grow a lot faster. This requires a lot of fuel, or milk. Milk which is full of hormones, proteins and calories and a lot of much grosser stuff that I will get into in a bit. This video is really interesting and sums it up pretty well. One of the hormones in cow’s milk (IGF-1) is a powerful growth hormone. Perfect for turning a calf into a cow, but fuels cancer in humans.

In addition to hormones, cow’s milk is full of fat, calories, sugar, cholesterol, bacteria, viruses, blood, and pus. Oh, and feces. As I understand it, there are regulations concerning the quality of dairy products and that they are stricter in Canada than they are in the US. But this shit is still in the products we consume.

One of the reasons milk is advertised as being healthy is because of calcium. Many people wonder where they are supposed to get their calcium from if they don’t consume dairy products. Maybe from the same place the cow gets it – plants. Just a suggestion. Plants have a large amount of magnesium which is necessary for the body to absorb calcium. However when we drink milk, we aren’t getting the magnesium, making the calcium useless. There are much healthier ways to get the calcium we need, along with everything else we get from animal products – try soy or almond milk!

Dairy farms also contribute to global warming, taking up a lot of space, and producing a lot of pollution. For more information on this, check out my previous post about global warming.

Disclaimer* I fully support women who choose to breast feed in public. I was merely using that example to highlight the abuse that animals are victims of.




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