Dark Souls

all mad.jpg

This painting was inspired by a number of different sources and just came together as items I felt complimented each other. There’s no real meaning behind it. I just like ‘coffee, cats, Satan and spells.’

The skull and sleeping cat is from a European clothing company called ‘KillStar.’ The quote is from Alice in Wonderland (the cheshire cat) which is one of my favourite movies/books/adventures.

The pentagram is the logo of the Church of Satan and symbolizes the “Five Point Program” which you can find here > http://www.churchofsatan.com/pentagonal-revisionism.php The inverted cross is a symbol that is also often associated with the opposition of Christianity, although it is not an official symbol of the Church of Satan. The symbol for sulphur is pictured in the Satanic Bible, and is associated with Infernal Regions, but has no deep meaning. For more information on these symbols, look here > http://www.churchofsatan.com/faq-symbols-and-symbolism.php


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