This is one of the things I recently discovered which I think is really cool. Ecosia is a search engine that helps you plant trees. It works just like Google (you can download a chrome extension), but it uses the money from ads, to help plant trees rather than keeping it for profit. With every search you make on Ecosia, you are helping to save the environment and it really doesn’t cost you anything. It also lets you track how many trees you have helped to plant (I’m at 136).

Ecosia also has an app which you can download on your phone or tablet which works just like Safari (I have an iPhone, not sure what it is like on an android).

I have done a pretty basic job of describe it, but there is a lot more information on their website ( This includes why they choose to plant trees, FAQ, where the money goes and how they decide, and the ways in which they are helping communities around the world. And if you’re too lazy to read about it, they have a nice little video you can watch that sums it all up.

With such a large portion of the world’s forests gone, I urge everyone to download Ecosia. It’s super easy, convenient, and doesn’t cost you anything. It’s as easy as adding a chrome extension or downloading an app.



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