The Book Gallery


The Book Gallery ( is Canada’s largest second hand book store and is located outside of Ottawa, in Carleton Place. The store has about 200,000 books in stock and in storage and carries every type of book you could imagine.

This is one of my favourite places and one that I have spent many hours in. I grew up going here with my family. Usually on the way home from visiting my grandparents in Ottawa. We would stop here and spend an hour or so browsing our favourite sections. At first, it was hard to find your way around, but now I know exactly where I’m going and I usually know where to find my family members too.

This place is every book lovers dream. Its a HUGE house (maybe even two combined). It has more rooms than I can count, two stair cases and a garage and EVERYTHING is lined with books. There are shelves everywhere that create a maze in each of the rooms and down the hallways. Every shelf has a double layer of books and is stacked from floor to ceiling. In addition, there are stacks of books covering a good portion of the floor. They are all labeled – usually by genre and then by author, making it fairly easy to find what you’re looking for. And of course the smell: as soon as you open the door, that old book smell is impossible to evade. There are a few chairs around the store and a fireplace in one corner and sometimes there has been a dog or cat hanging out. The staff are nice and very helpful and the books are reasonably priced.

If you don’t like books (I’m not sure why you’re on this page) it’s still a really cool place to visit (or maybe it’s just because I love books…). I think it’s a really cool place to explore and beautiful. It really has something for everyone.


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