The Hobbit

This is the most recent book I’ve obtained. I got it for Christmas from my mum. “The Annotated Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien, revised and expanded edition, annotated by Douglas A. Anderson. The Hobbit was originally published in 1937 as a children’s story, with original drawings from Professor Tolkien himself. This version, published 2003 (one of the three I own), is accompanied by annotations provided by Douglas Anderson, which shed light on Tolkien’s influences, the revisions he made, how the story relates to the rest of his mythology, as well as connections to other literary works.

The Hobbit tells the story of Biblo Baggins’ Adventure with the Company of Thorin Oakenshield. The Company (and Gandalf) set out from the Shire on a mission to reclaim the Lonely Mountain, and the dwarf city Erebor (along with the Arkenstone) from the Dragon Smaug. They have many adventures and meet many new friends (and foes) during their journey and eventually Bilbo makes it back to Bag End.

I’ve read The Hobbit more times than I can count but I have not read this version yet. I am really looking forward to studying the annotations and learning more about Tolkien’s influences and how this story is connected to the rest of his mythology.

Fun Fact: The Hobbit will turn 80 years old on September 21st, 2017hobbiy


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