Toxic Living

The use of synthetic chemicals has become a part of our everyday life. Our household products are full of chemicals, many of which are carcinogens and linked to cancer. We often associate these products with being clean and although they may help remove dirt, they leave harmful chemicals behind.

Although products containing harmful chemicals are labeled, these are often only on the most dangerous. Other products have not been fully tested and labels do not account for repeated exposure.

Cleaning products often contain Ammonia (damages respiratory tract), Lye (corrosive), and hydrochloric acid (corrosive). Laundry and Dish detergent packets are the leading cause of child poisonings, likely because of the bright colours. Carpet cleaners contain carcinogens which are harmful for many areas of the body.

Personal care products such as shampoo are also full of chemicals. These products that we rub into our skin on a daily basis are absorbed into our bodies and can cause chronic health problems, including cancer. Most of these products also remain in the body for long periods of time before being flushed out. In many cases, we are taking more chemicals into our bodies before the old ones are even gone, constantly increasing the levels in our bodies (you wash your hair with shampoo every day and it takes up to five days for the chemicals to be flushed out of your body).

The good part is that you can buy natural, non-toxic alternatives or make your own products. Laundry detergents also have organic alternatives available. Products that are fragrance free are often a healthier choice, eliminating many of the harmful chemicals that are in air fresheners, etc.



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