scorpion tattoo

Started this beast on Friday (March 3rd) with Jen at Cottage 13 in Hamilton with a two and a half hour session. I’ve wanted a scorpion tattoo for years but was never able to come up with a suitable design. Most scorpion tattoos are either realistic or tribal, neither of which I was very keen on. I came across some doubled exposed silhouette tattoos on Instagram and really liked the idea and thought it would work well with the scorpion. I took my idea to Jen and she thought it was a cool alternative to the usual scorpion tattoo and kept it feminine.

Although I don’t put any faith in zodiac signs, I grew up being attracted to the idea that I was a Scorpio (October 23-November 21). I always had necklaces with my birthstone in them and had a little scorpion charm as well. It’s kind of a romantic idea I guess. A few years ago, I bought a framed giant scorpion that hangs on my wall and I think it’s the coolest thing ever.

Although I knew the scorpion tattoo was something I wanted, I also wanted to be able to explain the meaning behind it and not have people assuming it’s just because I am proud to be a Scorpio.

Scorpions have been around for about 430 million years and can be found everywhere in the world besides Antarctica. They have adapted to all environments and can survive for long periods of time without food or water. There are about 1750 different kinds of scorpions that range in size, colour and venom. Only about 25 types are lethal to humans.

Scorpions have been prominent symbols throughout history in many different cultures. Notably, Aztec, Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Greek. They were often represented as being a goddesses which was part human, part scorpion and usually had traits/powers relating to heat, the sun, fire, protection, adaptation, reflexive and sexuality. The scorpion was believed to ward off evil and protect one from threats, guarding your blind spot and being aware of its surroundings. It is understood to be a warrior, its stinger as its sword.

Despite these seemingly positive attributes, the scorpion was also seen as the embodiment of evil and of death. Because most cultures anticipate an afterlife, death is seen as a transition. Therefore the scorpion also represents the transition from one stage of life to another.

And of course, the scorpion is most famously, the zodiac sign of Scorpios (Latin – Scorpius), which originated in ancient Greek Mythology. There are a several myths in Greek mythology about scorpions, most of which reference some kind of issue between a scorpion and Orion which results in Zeus raising the scorpion to heaven, which is how it became a constellation.

I guess in a way, I think of the scorpion as my spirit animal. It’s protecting me, watching my back (literally – it’s on my back), and represents a transition to a new stage of life as I graduate from University and move forward into the unknown. I will use it as a reminder to remove evil from my life and adapt to the situation.



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