The Female Orgasm

This ( is a paper I wrote last semester for my Special Topics in the Sociology of Deviance class which focused on the topic of sexuality. It’s one of the longest papers I wrote at university and it took a long time (not surprising). I was kind of uncertain about it but I ended up get 98% on it and it was worth 50% of my mark for the class, so I am happy my effort paid off.

I picked the topic because none of the other ‘deviant sexualities’ were of particular interest to me and this is something that is still quite taboo to talk about. I found a TON of interesting stuff while I was doing this research and would like to emphasize how important it is for people to get to know their bodies and avoid falling prey to big companies.

Obviously this paper is quite long but feel free to read it/parts of it and comment. One point I would like to emphasize is the element of control that has historically existed in regards to female sexuality. Women are controlled by men and religion and the liberation of female sexuality is inextricably linked to feminism. This is evident in the following excerpt from my paper:

“Female masturbation can be viewed as a woman taking back control of her body. Block’s (2014) comment that “it’s empowering to be able to do it for yourself” is a perfect example of how masturbating puts women in control of their own sexuality and pleasure. In this instance, women are no longer at the mercy of men to awaken their sexuality and the female orgasm is no longer a tool to reassure men of their sexual abilities. In these ways, female masturbation is challenging historical and current ideologies about female sexuality and the notion that it is a response elicited by men.”


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